Follow these steps to submit your thesis

Before you begin filling out the thesis submission form:

  • Make sure you have the FINAL version of your thesis
  • Make sure your thesis has a title page. A sample page is available here
  • Make sure your thesis is saved as a PDF/A. This is an "archival" version of PDF. For instructions, please see this document

Then proceed to the electronic thesis submission form:

  1. Enter Author Information
  2. Upload Thesis or Capstone (text should be PDF/A)
  3. Upload datasets or media files (mp3 or mp4)
  4. Agree to honor code and submission agreements
  5. Submit your thesis to the Digital Archives of Colorado College

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Step 1: Enter Author Information

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Step 2: Upload Thesis and Enter Information

Supporting Files

You can attach up to 5 files, such as text (PDF), datasets (various), audio (mp3 or wav), video files (mov, mp4, or wmv), and photos (TIFF or JPEG) that support your thesis or senior capstone project. If you do not provide a title for each file, the title will be the name of the file. Any file over 500 MB cannot be handled through this form. For large files, contact Lisa at for instructions.

Step 4: Honor Code and Submission Agreements

Honor Code

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By checking this box I indicate agreement with this statement: On my honor, I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this thesis
Error! You must agree to the submission agreement below to submit your thesis through this web form.

Submission Agreement

By checking the agreement box and submitting this form, I (the author and copyright owner) grant Colorado College the non-exclusive right to reproduce and distribute my thesis/work in print and electronic form. I agree that Colorado College may, without changing the content, convert my thesis/work to any medium or step_four_format for the purpose of historical preservation and to make publically available in open access to a larger community of scholars. All such copies will retain original notices of authorship and copyright.

I understand that as the author of this work, I shall, without limitation, have the right to use, reproduce, distribute, update, create derivatives, and make copies of the work (electronically or in print). U.S. Copyright law protects me against the unauthorized use of this work; the right to use in future works all or part of this work.

I understand that Colorado College shall have the right to non-commercial use which includes the right to reproduce, distribute, and make copies of the work (electronically or in print) in connection with digital repositories, teaching, and scholarly activities at None.