The Engineering choices of the FRBR-Redis-Datastore project including tools and technologies along with typical open-source methodological approaches and philosophies

Python with LXML, Redis, and PyMARC »

Python with LXML, Redis, and PyMARC

For FRBR-Redis-Datastore proof-of-concept project, Python was the primary server and utilities programming language along with a number of supporting open-source Python modules including lxml, redis, pymarc, and bottle.

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To create the associations between the different schemas and mappings, SKOS was chosen to construct these elements and concepts mappings between MARC21 and MODS with their respective FRBR entities

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Sphinx Documentation

A common complaint about open-source project is the lack of good technical and end-user documentation. To help with this task, the FRBR-Redis-Datastore uses the Sphinx framework for source code and technical documentation currently available at

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Unit and BDD Testing

Unit tests of code are the current method of exploring the functionality of the NoSQL & Redis as a Bibliographic datastore in FRBR-Redis-Datastore

Behavior Driven Development (BDD) features are used to describe and test requirements from the Libary of Congress Bibliographic Framework using the Python module lettuce.

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Web Development

To assist in the development this presentation and the project's HTML user-interface, the following the frameworks are used:

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Source Code

The primary source code is licensed under the Apache 2 open-source hosted at Github

The Aristotle Django Discovery Layer will be used as an administrative and Solr search front-end to the Redis datastore for Colorado College's Tutt Library. This source code is currently available at

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