Code4Lib 2012

NoSQL Bibliographic Records: Implementing a Native FRBR Datastore with Redis

Jeremy Nelson
Colorado College
Tutt Library

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Using the Library of Congress Bibliographic Framework for the Digital Age as the starting point for software development requirements; the FRBR-Redis-Datastore project is a proof-of-concept for a next-generation bibliographic NoSQL system within the context of improving upon the current MARC catalog and digital repository of a small academic library at a top-tier liberal arts college.

The FRBR-Redis-Datastore project starts with a basic understanding of the MARC, MODS, and FRBR implemented using a NoSQL technology called Redis.

This presentation guides you through the theories and technologies behind one such proof-of-concept bibliographic framework for the 21st century.

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Initially focusing on interoperability with existing MARC21 and MODS collections of records in legacy ILS and digital repository systems leveraging the existing work by the RDA Vocabularies and the Library of Congress. The FRBR-Redis-Datastore uses SKOS representations of FRBR and RDA to map MARC21 and MODS records to the Redis datastore.

Other metadata schemes and future user-interfaces are in design stages for FRBR-Redis-Datastore.

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